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A film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Yazid Tizi
Music by Armand Amar

87 minutes
TV Film broadcast on France Télévisions
© Hope Production - Agence Algérienne pour le Rayonnement Culturel - 2015


ALGERIA FROM ABOVE is the first documentary shot of Algeria exclusively from the sky. Through the eyes of Yann Arthus-Bertrand, we are introduced to this grandiose country, its cultural and natural wealth, in entirely new ways. From the North to the South and the West to the East, we are shown a glimpse of an entire population’s daily life, whether it be in the large coastal cities, the mountains of the Atlas, the oasis of the Sahara or the soft hills of the Sahel.


Rich with a past where all civilizations seemed to have met, where the territory encompasses almost all types of natural environments, Algeria appears in this film with all of its beautiful diversity and unity. Here, Arthus-Bertrand abandons himself in his fascination for shapes, colors, faces and human footprints, all from above, and delivers an exceptional portrait of the largest country on the African continent, and on the Mediterranean coast.

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