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A film by Jeremy Frey

90-120 minutes

© Hope Production

The Ground Secrets plunges you into the marvellous world of soils from all over the world, to discover this unknown universe right beneath our feet. This veritable underground society is made up of surprising species, superheroes of the invisible, whose ceaseless work makes life on Earth possible.


This life just beneath us, which often disgusts us, is a great adventure full of challenges, twists and turns, obstacles, collaboration and success stories. It's their lives, their cycles and the threats they face that we set out to discover.


Each environment, country, geological zone has its own characteristics, which tell us so much about each natural space, of which we ultimately know only the emerging part - the landscapes. Like a world tour of underground life, we'll be exploring and studying the soils of various ecosystems in different countries, from deserts to primary forests, via the conventional farmlands we know.

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