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Un film by Jeremy Frey
Written with Remi Dupouy and Jeremy Frey

In développement with France Television

90 minutes 

© Hope Production

For many of us, autumn is synonymous with declining daylight, cooler temperatures, rain and wind. However, for those of us who make a daily habit of visiting natural environments, the perception is quite different. For them, autumn is much more than a passing fad or a mere transition. Neither a pale extension of summer, nor a damp foretaste of frost, autumn is, on the contrary, the season of profound change that overturns the life of organisms and the physiognomy of our landscapes.


In AUTUMN, we meet the men and women who find a unique resonance in autumn. Having forged ties with the wild species and entire ecosystems that make up our territory, they watch attentively as sensitive nature evolves with the seasons. To capture the essence of autumn, we invite you to join us in becoming fully aware of a key period by discovering the biological stages that make it up.

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