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A film by Jeremy Frey

90-120 minutes

© Hope Production

Following on from HUMAN and WOMAN, Yann Arthus-Bertrand has set his sights on a major new documentary film that portrays today's agriculture. Through hundreds of stories of the men and women who work the land on a daily basis all over the world, we take a new look at those who feed us, enabling us to better understand the issues surrounding agriculture, and by extension, our food.


Through the testimony of the man who produces tons of soya, we understand the issues surrounding the over-consumption of meat, and through the words of a greenhouse worker in Almeria, we understand what's behind eating tomatoes in winter.


From subsistence farmers in Mali to industrial soybean growers in Brazil and nomadic herders in Lapland, this sector is uniquely rich and diverse. Being a farmer takes on a thousand and one faces, and we'd like to pay tribute to all of them in this film.

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