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A film by Jeremy Frey and Yann Arthus-Bertrand




Written in collaboration with Rémi Dupouy.

Original music by Armand Amar.

With the participation of Guerlain and France Télévisions.

© Hope Production – Calt Production – 2023 – 56 minutes

LIFE THROUGH THE LENS share the daily lives of passionate people and their ability to observe attentively, watch affectionately, and learn deeply about nature around them. A tribute to those who know how to observe nature in France and have become its close friends.

Going further

Taking action



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To further explore and raise awareness about biodiversity, the teams at Hope Production are preparing an educational tour of the film VIVANT, making it available to families and schools along with dedicated educational kits. Starting from May 23, 2023, the release date of VIVANT on France Télévisions, you will be able to organize your own screening to complement your educational project and learn to observe nature, much like the 200 naturalists who participated in the film.

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